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Rapid response teams of nurses, physios and care staff are to be on hand within two hours ...
BBC 24 Jan 2020
Researchers were ‘surprised by the scale of special educational need among children ...
The Guardian 24 Jan 2020
The importance of managing our mental health and wellbeing is increasingly documented in the public domain, and society is now focussing more...
24 Housing 23 Jan 2020
Care home fees hit an annual average of £...
Mail Online 23 Jan 2020
The care watchdog was wrong not to publish an i...
BBC 23 Jan 2020
Claims by Whorlton Hall whistleblowing inspecto...
The Independent 23 Jan 2020
One in four 11 to 15-year-olds in England have too little sleep, a World Health Organizati...
BBC 23 Jan 2020
Study found stark differences in A&E waiting times and experience of GP services.
The Guardian 23 Jan 2020
Dementia patients are being dumped in hospitals in England because of a lack of community ...
BBC 22 Jan 2020
NHS data for England shows reality of social care system, says Alzheimer’s Society.
The Guardian 22 Jan 2020
Aileen Evans highlights that two men who work in construction end their lives each day.
24 Housing 22 Jan 2020
Research shows widening health gap between higher and lower socioeconomic status.
The Guardian 21 Jan 2020
The NHS in England faces paying out £4.3bn in legal fees to settle outstanding claim...
BBC 21 Jan 2020
As we live longer, there is a need to redefine our health and social care services in order to meet the increasing demands of an ageing popul...
24 Housing 20 Jan 2020
Sunderland Royal hospital running out of beds despite having added 50 for this winter.
The Guardian 20 Jan 2020
Major Tory donor urges comprehensive review into help for vulnerable youngsters.
The Guardian 20 Jan 2020
Report says issues around social exclusion are leading to early deaths.
24 Housing 17 Jan 2020
A violent elderly man at a care home "viciously" assaulted a female resident wit...
BBC 17 Jan 2020
Evidence suggests that there are 850,000 people...
Housing LIN 15 Jan 2020
ONS study finds wealth disparity in UK and US leading to growing health inequality.
The Guardian 15 Jan 2020
Healthwatch England found just 12 per cent of N...
The Independent 15 Jan 2020